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Different types of blades. What's the difference?

Masport mowers pack amazing features in each of the machines available. All of them designed with the end-user in mind, mostly because we want the machines to last as long as the customer would want while delivering the best cut from the start.

With that in mind, we created three different blades that have their own purposes. We'll explain them below.

Masport bar blade image

Bar Blade

One-piece bar blade for efficient cutting and mulching.

Masport quickcut blade image

Quickcut™ Blade

The Masport Quickcut® blade is a top-quality - specially designed blade for cutting and mulching. These blades have a swing back design which protects the crankshaft from damage if the blades hit a solid object.

Masport quadcut blade image

Quadcut Disc

Masport mowers such as the MSV® range are fitted with a specially designed four-blade disc system, great for catching due to increased airflow.


Now that you know the different blades we have for our lawnmowers, you'll know which one is the best fit for your garden. 

All of our mowers are available to buy with just one click to be sent to your prefered location.

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  • We have a masport 500AL and we have just put new swing tip blades on and wanted to know how tight you put them on?
    When they are loose, they tend to jam onto the main blade and then we are unable to start the mower, or it knocks very loudly; is there a guide to know how tight to put these blades on.

    Many thanks April Brandon.


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